Congressional Debate: Research and write legislation, then debate extemporaneously in an assembly, using parliamentary procedure.

Lincoln Douglas Debate: Argue value propositions in a one-on-one format.

Public Forum Debate: Debate controversial issues inspired by current news in a team format.

Policy Debate: Debate a policy proposition in a team format.

Extemporaneous Speaking: Speak on a topic inspired by current news using 30 minutes to prepare by synthesizing published sources. This event is separated into United States and international divisions.

Original Oratory: Research and speak on a significant topic.

Informative Speaking: Write and deliver an informative speech. (Formerly Expository)

Dramatic Interpretation: Perform a memorized, serious selection from printed, published literature.

Humorous Interpretation: Perform a memorized, humorous selection from printed, published materials.

Duo Interpretation: Perform with a partner a selection from printed, published literature.

Program of Oral Interpretation: Recite pieces of poetry and prose linked by a common theme. (Formerly Prose/Poetry)

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