Starting a Program?

After you have made the wise decision to begin a Speech and Debate program in New Mexico, here is what you need to do:

1) Contact the NMSDA & the New Mexico District Chair of the NSDA to register with the State association.

Trey Smith:

Hannah Flake:

2) Register with the National Speech and Debate Association and check out the New coach quick start guide.

3) Attend the new coach workshop, held the Friday before the Fall coaches meeting. Click here for more details:

4) Attend the fall coaches meeting. This is a great time to learn more about the activity, network, and get access to the tournament calendar for the upcoming year.

2017 Fall Coaches Meeting:
Saturday, August 19th
NMAA Headquarters: 6600 Palamos SE, Albuquerque
Refreshments will be served

The New Mexico Speech and Debate Association hosts a New Coach Clinic in the fall of every school year. Members can also hold a clinic at your school. See information below for this clinic.

The Speech and Debate Coach Clinic is intended for new teachers or sponsors of Speech and Debate programs. Running a Speech and Debate program requires both academic knowledge and administrative awareness. Unlike any other activity or sport, Speech and Debate has a unique skill set that can seem overwhelming to new coaches. The clinic is designed to help you prepare for your new role as a sponsor.

The clinic can be tailored to suit your situation. If you are teaching a debate elective course or public speaking, we can help you with curriculum. If you are sponsoring debate as an after-school activity, we can help you plan practices. We can give you comprehensive introductions to all speech and debate events, as well as offer strategy for administering a team. See the list below for possible topics for clinics.

Time and Location
The clinic is designed to suit your busy schedule. We can visit you at your school or even arrange an online Skype session.

This activity should be about providing as many opportunities to your students as possible. With our clinics, you will learn to be the absolutely best coach that you can be. Instead of struggling to keep up and learning as you go, you will be ahead of the game. Also, running a successful Speech and Debate program can be one of the best career boosts you will experience.  We can help you create a large, competitive program on your campus- no matter the size of your school. Many coaches in this activity do not come from a background in speech and debate. If you know how to coach these events, your students can quickly become successful.

Clinic work is free to any coach registered with the National Forensic League who is sponsoring a program within the New Mexico District.

Available clinics

Introduction to Speech and Debate

strategy for beginning programs, basic overview of all events

Specific Event Clinics

In-depth introduction to the event of your choosing (CX, LD, PF, Congress, Extemp, Oratory, Interp)
The clinic can be tailored to cover one event in depth or multiple events at once

Team Administration

Running practices, rules and regulations, registering and attending tournaments, travelling to tournaments, recruiting more students, working with parents and administrators.

Don’t see the specific topic you’re looking for? Just ask, and we can make it happen.