Benefits of Forensics

Enriching Education

Boosting Student Performance

Studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between higher reading and writing scores and participation in interscholastic speech and debate.

College Preparation

A majority of New Mexico Speech and Debate graduates have gone on to college and received scholarships.

90% of speech and debate students nationwide move on to graduate school.

Speech and Debate has been ranked as the top extra-curricular activity for preparing students for college by college admissions officers nationwide.

Speech and Debate students are given a decisive edge in college admissions, as much as 30% more than non-forensic students, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

Meeting Standards and Benchmarks

Speech and Debate participation meets all English Language Arts Common Core Standards and College Board Standards for College Success

Life Skills and Outcomes

Successful competitors spend hours researching, reading, and writing. Many competitors invest effort comparable to a graduate school thesis. The team provides a safe, familiar atmosphere that fosters maturity and student growth.

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